18th Pret

Feb. 24th, 2010 01:49 pm
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Mannen isn't himself anymore...he's been brainwashed, but it isn't going away. He always has this weird smile on his face isn't running around getting in trouble like he always used to. It's just...not him anymore. I hope that means he got home. He shouldn't have had to be here in the first place. This is no place for a kid. Even if he would yell at me for calling him a kid. I hope he can let everyone back home know that I'm okay. I am okay.

I should have looked after him more...

[Himeno will just be sitting by the phone, crying. Though she'll deny that she is for as long as she can.]
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So I don't think that was a total bust, but I can understand why people are upset. I don't want anyone innocent getting hurt either. If anyone thinks they need protection from Grady or anyone else, let me know. I can help protect you.

And stay strong everyone! Don't let Grady get you down just because this plan didn't work out like we would have liked. We need to keep trying if we ever want to get out of here.

[Filtered to Mannen]
I want you to be extra careful now, okay Mannen? If anything weird happens, let me know right away. And, if you don't mind, I'd like to use our pretting powers to help people here if they need it. I think my martial arts will only get me so far in this place.
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Hey Mannen. I got a weird letter in the mail.

...I think I might be able to pret again.

8th Pret

Dec. 24th, 2009 12:05 am
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Well, I guess I should send out Christmas wishes to everyone! I hope everything goes smoothly this year and that nothing too crazy will happen. Keep safe and have a merry Christmas everyone! I should be by sometime tomorrow to drop off gifts for all my friends!

Oh, Mannen! What are you plans for Christmas? Japan and I would love to have you come and spend the day if you want!

5th Pret

Dec. 9th, 2009 01:31 pm
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It really is almost Christmas time isn't it? It was going to be my first Christmas with the knights too. I didn't even get a chance to plan gifts for them.

If you were all home, what would you be doing for Christmas? Would you spend it with family? Friends? I wonder if they'd still celebrate without me...?

Oh! Hey Mannen! What would you like for Christmas?


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